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Yet another update for the Icecast2 port


since I haven't heard from anybody with feedback wrt to my Icecast2
port, I take this opportunity to present another updated version of the
port. Changes since the previous version are

- Fix nasty bug in file serving code, would probably have made it fail
  multiple simultaneous requests. (From cvs.xiph.org)
- Disable fileserving by default in the example icecast.xml
- Minor, but important fix for that README of mine.

The way I see it, what's keeping the icecast port from being updated, is
further tests on !i386 (and maybe GCC3?) ... so, please test! :) The
purpose of my README is to get people going with a basic, but
non-braindead setup. If you lack an Ogg Vorbis capable source client,
you can use Oddcast DSP for either XMMS or Winamp from www.oddsock.org.
Ices2 (Xiph's source client for Vorbis streams) is still in beta, but
I've made a port for it as well ... if someone wants it, just tell me.
Since Icecast2 supports MP3 streams, ports/net/ices is supposed to work,

Have fun,


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