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mp3s wont load using xmms

i cant load my mp3's using xmms, is this because of the error? (below)

% sysctl kern.version kern.version = OpenBSD 3.4-stable (PKG) #4: Mon Jan 19 01:51:47 PHT 2004 ken_(_at_)_mmp_(_dot_)_ccp_(_dot_)_ph:/sys/arch/i386/compile/PKG

% dmesg |grep eso
eso0 at pci0 dev 11 function 0 "ESS SOLO-1 AudioDrive" rev 0x01: ES1946, irq 10
eso0: mapping Audio 1 DMA using VC I/O space at 0x84c0
audio0 at eso0
opl0 at eso0: model OPL3
% xmms
unable to open port `/dev/ttyS1' (No such file or directory)
unable to open port `/dev/ttyS1' (No such file or directory)

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