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Will somebody make a OpenOffice-Port? (after that: more or less OT)

Is there somebody wich is working on an OpenOffice port?
I read something about to make it work in the mailinglistarchiv.
So is there a (un)official port in work somewhere couse I'm intrested to test it (if it exist).

If not: 
I need a replacement for OpenOffice could I work with it on Windows.
That's a littlebit OT but I've no experience with office solutions.
I need a portabel solution wich is able to read the Microsoft formats (doc and so on; im-export).
There's another office suite in the ports (not kOFFICE) but it's still outdated and so I think
I will write a mail to the maintainer. :o/

Did somebody know another free OfficeSuite?
Thanks... :)

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