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NEW: devel/{autodoc,tcl-cgi,tcl-pool}

three new ports. i wanted autodoc (think doxygen for tcl), and it depends
on tcl-pool and tcl-cgi.

$ cat autodoc/pkg/DESCR
Autodoc is an application to convert specially formatted documentation
embedded in Tcl code into a cross-referenced set of HTML pages describing
the code.

$ cat tcl-pool/pkg/DESCR
A collection of generally usable tcl commands for various areas:
Calendar widgets, additional date, string, list and file functions.
Operations on mail/netnews messages, smtp, pop3 handling. Yet another OO
system for tcl, pure tcl. Generic option processing routines. Url
manipulation and extractions (regexp's).

$ cat tcl-cgi/pkg/DESCR
cgi.tcl is the CGI support library for Tcl programmers. The library is
very thorough - it supports forms, tables, cookies, file upload,
plug-ins, JavaScript, Netscape extensions, etc, etc. It also provides
very convenient support for debugging and handling CGI errors.

these are all straight tcl/tk 8.4. autodoc uses tk, too, so you'll need
that installed.

ports attached and available on my website:


thanks. please test (along with any outstanding ports i have).

jose nazario, ph.d.			jose_(_at_)_monkey_(_dot_)_org

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