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-current ports and packages on different machines / upgrading things like libiconv


today I ran into trouble that I don't know how to solve easily.

I currently have three boxes running OpenBSD at the moment, the gateway
is 3.4-stable and my normal PC and the laptop have -current installed.

The PC is running -current for quite a while now, while I've put a fresh
install of -current on the laptop just a few days ago (it used to run

The result is, some ports on the laptop are more recent than on the PC,
for example libiconv (v1.8 on the PC, v1.9.1 on the laptop)... I install
smaller things on the laptop from ports, but since it isn't very fast, I
wanted to compile mozilla-firebird on the PC and in order to install the
package on the laptop.

Now things became a bit weird, even though both PC and laptop are
running the same version of -current (identical source and ports trees)
they are different, of course. The results looked like this:

mozilla-firebird depends on ORBit 0.5.13, which wasn't installed on the
laptop. The package from the PC could not be installed because of
"incorrect libspec: iconv.3". That's when I noticed that PC and laptop
run different libiconvs ... so my first question would be, how can I
upgrade/replace libiconv on the PC without recompiling all installed
ports that depend on it (they are many)? It used to work when pkg_delete
still had the -f option, but that's gone now.

Anyway, then I compiled ORBit on the laptop, since it was small, too.
Next missing thing that also didn't work was the dependency on
libmng-1.0.5p1 ... and now I'm stuck in a loop. Even though I compiled
and installed libmng on the laptop (this time they are identical on PC
and laptop), I keep on getting "... incorrect libspec: mng.1.0".

I will now compile firebird on the notebook itself, although I wish I
didn't have to... This will probably take about as long as a 'make
build'. ;/

Is there a solution to this problem, or is a strict separation of ports
vs packages required? Any hints on how to get the whole thing smoothed
out a bit?

Thanks for any insight, it is very appreciated,


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