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Renaming Ant

Was this name change discussed? If so I'm sorry I missed it. I would taken the hint from the fact that ASF moved it, and dropped the name prefix completely. Who cares which subproject of Apache its web pages live under - it is the software known as Ant. There are no books on "Jakarta-Ant" or Apache-Ant, there are just books on ANT. The port name should be just "ant". We normally name ports by functional category, not by who wrote them. I know there's a p5- prefix for perl modules, but not every program needs to have a name prefix as well as a category.

The same for Tomcat, btw. It should be just www/tomcat, not www/jakarta-tomcat (and not www/apache-tomcat either).

At least, this is my opinion.

On 3-Jan-04, at 8:40, Nikolay Sturm wrote:

Module name:	ports
Changes by:	sturm_(_at_)_cvs_(_dot_)_openbsd_(_dot_)_org	2004/01/03 06:40:10

Log message:
    former jakarta-ant is now apache-ant
    from new maintainer Kurt Miller <truk at apache dot org>
    no response from reinhard@ in a long time


    Vendor Tag:	sturm
    Release Tags:	sturm_2004-Jan-03

    N ports/devel/apache-ant/Makefile
    N ports/devel/apache-ant/distinfo
    N ports/devel/apache-ant/patches/patch-bin_ant
    N ports/devel/apache-ant/patches/patch-bin_runant_pl
    N ports/devel/apache-ant/pkg/DESCR
    N ports/devel/apache-ant/pkg/PLIST

    No conflicts created by this import