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ClamAV ports ?!

Is there someone who works on a port for clamAV?
I've no experience with ports (building) but a ClamAV-Ports isn't very strang
to make.

Here's a little shellscript I recived over the ClamAV-Mailinglist couse
people ask how to build ClamAV on OpenBSD 3.4.

-- script --

# Building clamav-0.65 on OpenBSD 3.4
# My main reason for building it myself was to get milter support
# Please also consider the unofficial port by Flinn Mueller at 
#   http://activeintra.net/projects/clamav/
# Assumptions --
# GNU MP has been installed (gmp-4.1.2)
# sendmail has been built with milter support
# milter headers have been copied from /usr/src/gnu/usr.sbin/sendmail/include/libmilter
# to /usr/include/libmilter
# OpenBSD has usernames like _named for daemons.  So use _clamd instead of the
# default user "clamav"
#   groupadd _clamd
#   useradd -g _clamd -s /bin/false -c "Clam AntiVirus Daemon" _clamd
# Oh yeah, this is a bash script.  If you don't like bash, modify the 
# environment variables below in the manner of your choice.

# Problems avoided by the following environment variables --
#   GNU MP won't be found by default by the configure script because it won't
#   look in /usr/local.
#   Makefiles have -pthread, which doesn't work on OpenBSD.  We need -lpthread 
#   instead.  Easier to add via environment var than to edit all the Makefiles
#   As far as I know, there's nothing dangerous about leaving the -pthread 
#   setting intact.

export LDFLAGS="-L/usr/local/lib -lpthread"
export CFLAGS="-I/usr/local/include"

# Touch the following file into existence to keep the build from breaking
# Copy docs/man/clamav-milter.8 to /usr/local/man/man8 manually
# I'm not doing it here because you might be putting man pages somewhere else
touch docs/clamav-milter.8

./configure --enable-milter --sysconfdir=/etc --with-user=_clamd --with-group=_clamd --disable-cr --disable-threads


-- script --

May I'm able to build ports myself next time. I read the docs but it sounds all very difficoult.
Maybe my english is to bad or I need mor experience with openBSD (hope the doc's wich deals with 
the ports(building) will be translated (german) soon :o) ).
So I hope there will be somebody who is able to set up an ClamAV-port for OpenBSD 3.4.

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