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vmware port


attached is a tarball of two ports.  one is of marius eriksen's LKMs to
support vmware3 and the other is vmware3 proper.  you will need a
license to run it...

this is basically a (working) preliminary port to see what issues people
run into and how the documentation needs to be fleshed out.  the
skeleton steps are documented here:


stuff you shouldn't ask me about:

1) where to get a license
2) when there will be a vmware4 port (emul stuff needs some work)
3) why it doesn't work on an old version of OpenBSD (i think anything
   after 08/16 3.4-beta/-current should be OK)
4) anything documented in README.OpenBSD

the ports themselves need clean-up.  specifically, the scripts for
vmware/openbsd need better logic/error handling.  vmware/3 needs the
PLIST cut down so that only the modules that are actually used are
installed (and a better do-install method too).  if anyone wants to take
these ports and run with them, i'd be more than happy to pass

stuff that isn't in the documentation:

1) floppy34.fs crashes
2) the wizard crashes reading /proc/meminfo (or did last i checked),
   you will have to config vmware manually.
3) the warning about not being able to initialize a SVGA console
   can be quelled by turning off ttyC5.

i think that's it.

thanks to marius for making this possible and being patient answering
my numerous questions.

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