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new: kopete


I haven't had the time to completely polish this port yet and won't have it
the next few weeks but maybe someone wants to finish it. (It should be mostly
checking for functionality and brokenness on platforms !=i386)

Tested on i386 from sept-10. I'm using the ICQ and the IRC plugin without
problems so far.

Kopete is a flexible and extendable multiple protocol instant messaging system
designed as a plugin-based system.  All protocols are plugins and allow
modular installation, configuration, and usage without the main application
knowing anything about the plugin being loaded.  The goal of Kopete is to
provide users with a standard and easy to use interface between all of their
instant messaging systems, but at the same time also providing developers with
the ease of writing plugins to support a new protocol.  Kopete is a big
project which already supports messaging protocols like Jabber, ICQ, AIM, MSN,
Yahoo, IRC, Windows LANs, GaduGadu, IRC and SMS.

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