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clamav-milter with tweak worked on current 16aug2003

FYI - I was able to get a test clamav port to work
on openbsd current with source dated 16 August 2003
compiled for sendmail milter support and by redoing PLIST
for the test port.

And the test computer is already denying the Sobig virus!


It seems to work with clamav version 20030720 otay.
Just gotta fuss with it to do the clamav-milter

--- some details ---

I had set the OS source to compile milter and it did:
# cat /etc/mk.conf

But that was not enough, the incudes for milter did not get installed by
make build, I think.
As a quick hack I did a sym link so that the includes would
be found for milter.  THere must be a more elegant way to do that,
maybe with mk.conf  -- oh well.
# ls -l /usr/include/libmilter
/usr/include/libmilter -> /usr/src/gnu/usr.sbin/sendmail/include/libmilter

Then on the test port, the PLIST did not have clamav-milter, so even
though it was able to make it, it didn't package,
so had to remove the files under pkg and  "make plist"
so the port would package clamav-milter also...

Looks like we could use FLAVOR=milter on this port, along with some
way to find the milter includes.....

And after a few screw ups, like trying to mkdir /var/run/clamd (wrong!)
and use that in the config file...  - duh!
To get it going I just most of the all stuff in /var/clamav instead for
the /etc/clamav.conf configuration file.

BTW<  if clamd is not available - within minutes with andy mail activity
the computer locked up.   ... - Have to have clamd running or
as well as clamav-milter  - duh!
sendmail w/ milter is very unforgiving.