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alpha package breakage

I have built an alpha package snapshot.  It will take about two
days to upload the total of some 1920 packages.  Below you'll find
a list of ports that are directly broken.  Lots more ports don't
build because they depend on those, e.g. all of KDE.  Don't hesitate
to ask for additional details such as build logs.

An unknown number of packages that successfully build will not run.
Please help us to find those by testing the snapshot packages when
they appear on the mirrors later this week.

audio/xcdplayer			LP64
databases/mysqlgui		C++ (LP64)
devel/mico			C++ exception
editors/abiword			C++
editors/emacs			?
emulators/xmame			relocation truncated
graphics/dia			libxml includes
graphics/libgphoto2		ICE
graphics/netpbm			ICE
graphics/tgif			ICE
lang/clisp			?
lang/egcs/stable		?
lang/scm,*			interactive
lang/squeak			-taso
lang/unicon			sigbus
misc/cdrchive			ICE
net/centericq			relocation truncated
net/ickle			libicq2000?
net/pchar			C++ (pcap.h)
print/htmldoc			?
print/lyx			relocation truncated
productivity/qhacc		ICE
security/l0phtcrack		? int64_t
security/libgcrypt		? __udiv_qrnnd
security/pgp5			? LP64
shells/scsh			sigbus
textproc/aspell			sigsegv
textproc/p5-XML-LibXSLT		?
textproc/source-highlight	sigsegv
www/konqueror-embedded		ICE
x11/gnome/applets2		?
x11/mplayer-fontmaker		?
x11/qlwm			ICE
x11/qt2-designer		sigsegv
x11/qt3,*			sigsegv
x11/tktable			?
x11/xview/lib			LP64?

Christian "naddy" Weisgerber                          naddy_(_at_)_mips_(_dot_)_inka_(_dot_)_de