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Re: privoxy is broken again in the same way.

Nikolay Sturm <sturm_(_at_)_sec_(_dot_)_informatik_(_dot_)_tu-darmstadt_(_dot_)_de> wrote:
> * Han Boetes [2003-06-21]:
> > On the latest -current snapshot privoxy is broken again, just like
> > described in this thread. Just that those patches are applied this
> > time.  Yes my tree is really up to date. Is this reproducable?
> I just installed privoxy and don't have any problems with it, accessing
> some random websites. I am running privoxy on my local machine. I once
> tested a server installation, where the webbrowser was on a different
> machine than privoxy, and it crashed the moment I tried to access two
> different sites. I cannot test this now, but it would be nice to know
> what your setup is.

The fix was too silly. The kernel and userland were running one day out
of sync.

I forgot to include bsd on my install cd and because of another error I
had to get the kernel from another mirror which was running one day
late. After the install I had so many things to do I forgot syncing the
right kernel.

# Han