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Re: opera 7.11 (m2)



 and is actually slower than Mozilla for
> me.

I don't agree. (-current on Celeron 333)

> In fact, I urge traditional users of Opera to look at
> Mozilla
> (-Firebird). 

Why can't the users decide which browser they want ?

 I'm by no means happy with Mozilla from a
> ports
> building perspective, but it beats a binary-only,
> commercial
> product. And strictly from a user perspective, it makes
> for a
> very nice browser.

How is "nice" defined ? 

Sorry, but I can't find any *real* argument, why we should drop one of these browsers out of the ports tree.
And there is another reason for having more than one browser installed: some pages can't displayed correctly with Opera so I have to switch to Moziall and otherwise round.


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