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Re: New: bitstream-vera-fonts

Erm... I've posted a new version of this port.


Seems that the new Xft still reads the "old" XftConfig files if you've
left them around.  This lets you make all sorts of assumptions about how
fonts work, when really they don't.

So, now this new port runs all the nifty font utils in an effort to
cover all my bases :).  For non-AA use it runs mkfontscale (the XFree
version of ttmkfontdir) to make the font.scale file.  Then it runs
mkfontdir to make the font.dir file (yes, it simply copies the
font.scale file, but I wanted to be "proper").

No I don't have blurbage for adding these fonts to your fontpath... yet.

For anti-aliased/Xft use I'm borrowing heavily from FreeBSD and running
fc-cache once during package creation and once again during package
load.  Yes, it matters and no I don't quite know why... anybody care to
hazard a guess?

Funny thing though.  When the package is installed from 'make install'
the fc-cache command segfaults.  When install with 'pkg_add' it
doesn't.  Nifty, eh?

Anyway, let me know if it works for you.