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Re: icewm 1.2.7

On Fri, 25 Apr 2003 10:56:23 -0400
tony_(_at_)_libpcap_(_dot_)_net wrote:

> I start some initial work on bringing icewm to version 1.2.7.

I had a port for 1.2.5 made at one point, but was not happy with it.
I am slightly disappointed with the direction that icewm development
is taking, and since I am personally not going to upgrade to the
latest versions, it is a good thing that you are willing to take over
the maintaining of icewm port.

> The problems I am running into, are all the flavors available, and
> the GNOME/KDE options. Perhaps someone that uses GNOME/KDE on the
> regular can check out the 1.2.7 dist. There's a ton of stuff in
> ./configure that I don't know if it should be enabled by default, or
> made into a flavor, or stripped out.

I don't think it's worth the effort to introduce flavors. Just choose
some reasonable defaults and make sure they work. I would suggest
adding  '--enable-shape' and '--enable-shaped-decorations' options
to configure, since they seem to be stable enough and many publicly
available themes (such as axxrom-1.3 for example) depend on them.

> I've attached what I have so far.. or you can wget
> http://libpcap.net/icewm.tar.gz

No need for wget - "ftp http://libpcap.net/icewm.tar.gz"; works fine :).

> Any input is appriciated.

Currently your port does not install the .html doc files and built-in
help browser fails. I've attached three patches (two new, one
modified) and updated PLIST to fix that.

Best regards,

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