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GISTalk - New GIS Forum!

WaterTalk, StormTalk, and SewerTalk 


You're invited to join GISTalk, a new online forum for the Geographic Information System (GIS) community.

GISTalk follows the success of our WaterTalk, StormTalk, and SewerTalk forums, providing GIS professionals a place to ask questions and raise issues regarding geographic and geospatial information systems and receive feedback from GIS experts across the world. GISTalk is your one-stop source for GIS-related information.

With over 10,000 engineers active on the forums, you're sure to find answers and opinions for virtually any project you are working on.  

Professionals interested in joining any or all of the discussion lists can subscribe by visiting the link below...


This message is intended for civil engineers and water resource professionals.  If it has reached ports_(_at_)_openbsd_(_dot_)_org in error, reply to this message with a subject line of "stop". LSID: 12274-2050525