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GNOME again

I am still trying to get GNOME to work on my iBook with OpenBSD-current and X 4.3.0. I have downloaded Marc Matteo's pango, atk and glib updates, and I have installed x11/gnome/session plus dependencies.

Upon startup, Nautilus crashes with errors in Bonobo-Activation components. I have noticed that the Debian Nautilus package depends on oaf, which is not installed. So I tried to build that. Unfortunately there is an error during the configure phase. "The ORBit test program compiled, but did not run."

I fiddled a bit with the failed "conftest" program (including running it in GDB), and it seems to bail out even before main() is reached. The exit code is 20. This looks like an ELF linker failure to me.

I have also noticed that the binary package snapshots for powerpc do not include an oaf package. Is this a known problem then? Any ideas? I have ORBit-0.5.13 and ORBit2-2.4.4 installed.