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circular dependancies

Is there a decent way to somehow express a circular dependancy to the ports tree? Basically, if you were to choose standard packages without flavors, everything would be fine. But, depending on how the order of packages are built, it could cause a problem. An example follows:

I have setup cyrus-sasl2 to have a ldap flavor (I will submit a patch for this once I get a chance to do some more testing). This flavor enabled saslauthd to authenticate against an ldap database.

When openldap is upgraded to 2.1.x, it will probably support a sasl2 flavor.

This would leave you with the following set of combinations:
openldap && cyrus-sasl2 == ok
(openldap w/ sasl2) && cyrus-sasl2 == ok
openldap && (cyrus-sasl2 w/ ldap) == ok
(openldap w/ sasl2) && (cyrus-sasl2 w/ ldap) == bad*

Since I'm not sure how the packages are built to be put up on the ftp server for a release (automated, manual, combination?), I wasn't sure if the make system would deal with this.

* actually it is doable, but a total pain, and why would you want this?


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