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samba printing

Does anyone find it disturbing besides me that on a default install of samba,
you have to do 'chmod 1777 /var/spool/samba' when its default permissions
are '1755' just to print?

Does anyone understand the misc files located there?  Is it safe to do this,
or should the misc files be located elsewhere and that subdir be the only
dir that gets files headed for the printer?

For those not running samba, here's an ls of my /var/spoo/samba w/out any
queued print jobs:

eclipse$ ls
brlock.tdb          messages.tdb        ntforms.tdb         smbd.pid
browse.dat          namelist.debug      ntprinters.tdb      unexpected.tdb
connections.tdb     nmbd.pid            printing.tdb
locking.tdb         ntdrivers.tdb       share_info.tdb

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