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Re: 2 new ports: LinPopUp and CDK

On Friday 14 March 2003 15:57, you wrote:
> you'd get more people interested if you posted descritions of the ports.
> ie if they were something i felt comfortable testing i'd test it.
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> jose nazario, ph.d.			jose_(_at_)_monkey_(_dot_)_org
> 					http://www.monkey.org/~jose/

Sorry about that, those are my first ports :D, you can read a long description 
of those at this web site and you can fetch it too.


If you don't have time this is a short description:

LinPopUp is a Xwindow graphical port of Winpopup.
CDK is a curses based widget library.

Jorge A. Cortes Montiel
OpenBSD Mexico

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