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Re: NEW: cyrus-imapd-2.1.12

Hi All,

Comments below...

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Subject: Re: NEW: cyrus-imapd-2.1.12

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>>>> - I don't find automatic appending of services to /etc/services
>>>>   o.k.  I'd like to see an advise only here.
>>> Would putting this step into the cyrus-setup script be sufficient?
>>> I am trying to cut down on the amount of manual work that has to be
>>> done post install.
>> INSTALL script in pkg/.
> That is where it is currently done.  Sebastian was pointing out that he 
> didn't like that it was automatically modified from there, so I was 
> trying to determine if the post installation setup script would be a 
> more appropriate place in his mind.
> -Chris

I think what the original comment was trying to say was that the
poster doesn't like _anything_ in /etc being automatically edited
by a package, and prefers to do modifications in /etc by hand.

I agree with this philosophy - what's wrong with a well written
README.OpenBSD file in /usr/local/share/doc/<pkgname>?



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