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Re: NEW: cyrus-imapd-2.1.12

On Sunday, Mar 2, 2003, at 08:00 US/Arizona, Sebastian Stark wrote:
Here's some feedback (on a Feb 27 i386-snapshot):

- Ports development alway happens in -current

This will be updated before I send out the next version.

- hardcoded /usr/local in CONFIGURE_ARGS
- hardcoded /usr/local in pkg/INSTALL

I didn't see how I should do this. Is there a different way to specify where to install?

- pkg/DESCR is lacking WWW: ${HOMEPAGE}


- is /etc/cyrus really needed or can it be overridden by SYSCONFDIR?

Unfortunately, SYSCONFDIR is not honored. You can specify it on the configure line, but it does nothing. They hardcoded the path of cyrus.conf and imapd.conf into the programs themselves. /etc/cyrus is just my attempt to gather any other config files the package needs into a single location (such as certs if you enable SSL services or a keytab file for krb5). WRT the keytab, all of the docs that come with it say you can't specify a different location for the keytab, but you actually can on systems using Heimdal.

- pkg/INSTALL installs stuff into the base system (e.g.
  /usr/share/sendmail) but you have not pkg/DEINSTALL that tells the
  user to remove it after deinstalling the port

This will actually be taken care of by moving to current, as that file is not needed with the newer sendmail (it is included in the base).

- I don't find automatic appending of services to /etc/services o.k.
  I'd like to see an advise only here.

Would putting this step into the cyrus-setup script be sufficient? I am trying to cut down on the amount of manual work that has to be done post install.

- showstopper:
configure: error: this version requires Berkeley DB 3.x or later.
(Get it from http://www.sleepycat.com/). You may need to suppply the --with-bdb-libdir or --with-bdb-incdir configure options.
*** Error code 1

Yep, I definitely missed that one. I just went through and made sure I didn't depend on any other libraries that I didn't list as well.

support, but I can't find a decent tutorial on how to setup
Heimdal KerberosV (there are plenty of docs on setting up IV).

Isn't "info heimdal" enough? Well, it's not that much information...

I finally did figure out how to setup a krb5 realm. It wasn't listed in the documentation that you can't just use localhost when trying to test, you have to use the fqdn.


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