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Re: x11/mplayer dumps core in -current

On Thu, Nov 28, 2002 at 03:32:53PM +0000, A. Farber wrote:
> > Try reinstall all the mplayer dependencies (gtk, etc) and see if that
> > fixes the problem for you.  It is definitely something on your system,
> > and that's where I'd start (it works for the rest of us).
> Thanks, this could explain, why I get coredump before even
> mplayer starts! Could someone with working mplayer (on -current)
> please send me the output of "pkg_info"? Because the libs:
>     LIB_DEPENDS=    png::graphics/png \
> 		    jpeg::graphics/jpeg \
> 		    mp3lame::audio/lame \
> 		    ungif,gif::graphics/libungif \
> 		    vorbis.0,vorbisfile.1::audio/libvorbis
> probably aren't the only ones, on which mplayer depends... TIA!

Also funnily I don't see mp3lame and vorbis in my pkg_info output?

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