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Re: ispell and it's subpackages

On Tue, Nov 26, 2002 at 09:46:26AM +0100, fransoa holop wrote:
> hi,
> > > i don't understand why do i have to have all the dictionaries
> > > when i want to make only swedish, for example.
> > 
> > Because that's the way MULTI_PACKAGES work.  You build everything,
> > then package it up into separate parts that can be installed
> > individually.
> *sigh*  frankly i find this quite un-openbsd-ish...
> yes, probably better for the package makers, but what
> about the people who build stuff from the ports tree?
> why do i have to download almost 2 more MBs and wait
> an hour while the other dictionaries are generated on
> my old p133?  this is not something i have seen before
> around openbsd.

The subject has been breached lots and lots of time on this mailing-list.
What's going on with multi_packages is a conscious decision. There are
design compromises at work, and frankly, you're on the wrong side.
Read the archives.

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