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Re: ispell and it's subpackages


> > i don't understand why do i have to have all the dictionaries
> > when i want to make only swedish, for example.
> Because that's the way MULTI_PACKAGES work.  You build everything,
> then package it up into separate parts that can be installed
> individually.

*sigh*  frankly i find this quite un-openbsd-ish...

yes, probably better for the package makers, but what
about the people who build stuff from the ports tree?

why do i have to download almost 2 more MBs and wait
an hour while the other dictionaries are generated on
my old p133?  this is not something i have seen before
around openbsd.

> > would it be a problem to seperate the dictionaries from ispell itself?
> > textproc/ispell
> > textproc/ispell-french
> > textproc/ispell-swedish, etc...
> This is likely to make maintenance more cumbersome.

if someone else tried to bring this up as an issue maybe
i would be inclined to believe, but naddy?  you make such
wonders in the ports tree, that  seperating the dictionaries
from ispell is nothing for you but a matter of 5 minutes.

ok.  been here for a while, i know the rules.
i'll send you a patch shortly (when the other dicts are
generated and i finally get to the slovak...)

aunt Em. hate kansas. hate you. took dog. dorothy.

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