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mail/nail and Wide-Character Codes on OBSD ?

Greetings =)

In looking to update my nail port to nail 10.2 I find that I have
a question...  I think this is not only an issue for nail.  Other
ports are likely affected by this, but ICBW on that.

Anyway, nail-10.2 build fails.  Please note that this initial test
is built outside of the ports tree so I can see better what it
wants to do.  Also, this initial build attempt is without libiconv .

Can anybody suggest the best way to deal with Wide-Character Codes
in the ports tree.  I look at the mutt port for some hints, but my
brain is slow today ;)

Nail's author tells me that the wide character implementation of
OpenBSD is incomplete.  I assume this is correct, but being that
I am not a C programmer I really have no idea.  If someone can fill
me in or point me to some more info on the topic as it pertains to
OBSD that would be great.  I've already read some, but it's a wee
bit over my head...

I `grep -l towupper *.[ch]' in the mutt source and find some
instances of this.  In nail, changing towupper into toupper yields
a seemingly functional binary.  I suppose this is not so good

Nail's authors tells me that the proper solution is to fix the C
library plus some other related matters.  Refers to <wctype.h>,
ISO C, and the Single UNIX Spec.

and says that:
> Future nail versions will use the single byte code for systems without
> mbtowc() at this point. This is just a workaround as it means that the
> search for multibyte characters won't ignore differences in case.