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KDE 3.0.3 Date and TimeZone Patch

I have just finished a patch that fixes the Time Zone, and Date issues with 
KDE 3.0.3 on 3.2.  It's uses a lot of (__OpenBSD__) which I know is not 
recomended.  I've looked over KDE 3.1 in CVS, and they actually use a similar 
method to fix the issue on Solaris, and use a lot of (USE_SOLARIS) to get it 
accomplished.  If anyone is interested take a look at what I've got, it's 
based on a patch submitted a year or more ago from Henrik Berg.


My patch fixes:
Issues:Date is set incorrectly, and reports "Can not set date." even when it 

Problems: They use the format mmddHHMMccyy.SS, we use ccyymmddHHMM.SS, report 
an error when exitstatus is not 0

Fixes: Just reordered variables, and told it only to repotr that error if 
exitstatus is 1, which I'm still not sure if this is the correct fix, I 
looked at src/bin/date/date.c and I believe it reports 1 for any error, 
anyone correct me please
Issues:Empty timezone list, and incorrectly sets timezone to GMT

Problems: They rely on the file zone.tab to fill the timezone list, we do not 
use that file, if the list isn't set to anything it still tries to unlink 
/etc/localtime, this is beyond me why that is even done, finally even when we 
can fill the list, we can't set the current zone, since we don't know what it 

Fixes: This fix creates a temp file, then fills it with a list of 
directories/files in /usr/share/zoneinfo, I set it to not even unlink the 
file on OpenBSD, then we read the link /etc/localtime to find out which of 
those files we are currently using and select it in the timezones list
Issues: They set date/time first then timezone

Problems: In openbsd if you set the timezone is adjusts the time I guess, 
someone correct me if I'm wrong

Fixes: This fix sets the timezone, then date/time

Just untar this file in x11/kde/base3, then make as usual

This is a first draft of the patch, I actually don't really intend to do a lot 
of tweaking, since there are new files that change in 3.1, I will concentrate 
on the new stuff, and try to get it into 3.1.  And I am aware of some stupid 
programming in there, ala ZONEINFODIR, but this will be included in 3.1 
anyways...blah blah blah

Please test and I will send a refined version to the maintainer_(_at_)_kde

Flinn Mueller