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Re: Suggestions on the Nagios port

> Which is probably the way I'll go, but my question still stands -
> is /usr/local/nagios permitted or desirable within the ports
> community?

Possibly /usr/local/libexec/nagios would be the way to go.

> If it's not installed into its own directory like that, I'll
> be spraying files all over the /usr/local structure.  To me,
> that would seem messy.

That seems about normal.  You should see my Courier port.  That's part of
the point of using ports, so you can uninstall cleanly.

> ${PREFIX}/etc = config files (about a dozen)

Should be /etc/nagios

> ${PREFIX}/bin = nagios daemon

Probably ${PREFIX}/libexec or ${PREFIX}/sbin

> ${PREFIX}/libexec = Nagios plugins (next port on the agenda)


> ${PREFIX}/var = Nagios log files, PID file, command pipe that the
>   CGI's need to talk to, as well as Nagios daemon

Install script should create dirs in /var, probably /var/nagios or
/var/spool/nagios.  PID file should probably go in /var/run.

> ${PREFIX}/share = static HTML and images
> ${PREFIX}/sbin = CGI's (about a dozen)

Maybe put these in /var/www/htdocs/nagios and /var/www/cgi-bin/nagios via

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