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Re: sparc64 Mozilla compilation attempt

<satadru_(_at_)_umich_(_dot_)_edu> wrote:

> However, the compilation dies at exactly the same point in either
> of their trees, using either gcc 2.95

As the error message says: internal compiler error.

> or lang/stable/egcs (by "env CC=/usr/local/bin/egcc make".

Look at the build output you quoted.
Where does it say "egcc"?
What could you conclude from this?

> On a related note, could I possibly run a sparc binary of mozilla or 
> netscape on OpenBSD/sparc64?

Not unless you write the required emulation layer.

Christian "naddy" Weisgerber                          naddy_(_at_)_mips_(_dot_)_inka_(_dot_)_de

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