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Re: update: enigma

Christian Weisgerber (naddy_(_at_)_mips_(_dot_)_inka_(_dot_)_de) wrote:

> We don't care for CPPFLAGS. The relevant variables are
>       | compiler  | flags
> C     | CC        | CFLAGS
> C++   | CXX       | CXXFLAGS
> Respecting these is important. It allows users  to  build  ports  with
> their  choice  of  compiler  and  optimization   (and   stack-smashing
> protection if you think of propolice) and it allows us to test stuff.

If I would like to keep in mind that I could send patches to the authors
of the software so they can take these simple  wishes  in  account  what
should the patches look like.

In the Makefile.in I mostly see something like : CC= @CC@ which is not a
problem, just that the configure script doesn't take CC in account.

But lots of configure files are now generated  with  automake.  So  what
would be the best way to solve this situation?


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