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New: macutil-2.0b3

Some very old piece of software (10 years).

With these tools you can handle Macintosh files. The package
contains the following utilities:

  binhex    - Convert files to BinHex 4.0 compatible hexified form
  frommac   - Receives files from the Macintosh in the Unix system
  hexbin    - Convert hexified files to their Macintosh format
  macsave   - Save a series of files from a MacBinary stream as
              individual files
  macstream - Combine a series of files to a MacBinary stream
  macunpack - Unpack a Macintosh archive into its constituents
  tomac     - Transmits files from the Unix system to a Macintosh

The port fixes the following issues:

* correct manpage (removed reference to a program that is not available)
* honor CC and CFLAGS
* useful defines (e.g. no debug)

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