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hackbot 2.14 port version #2

Thank you for pointing me on the various slips I made in my port. I have implemented your recommendations.
All of them except one.

I have used the do-install: hook to install the files. This eliminates the files dir and the extra make file.
And also eliminates the need to patch.

I hope my second version complies to OpenBSD standards.
please test / commit.

Herman Poortermans

Sebastian Stark wrote:

On Tue, Oct 22, 2002 at 01:38:13PM +0200, Herman wrote:

This is my first port of hackbot 2.13

DESCR: Hackbot is a vulnerability scanner that started as a joke at first, but now it has become a serious project. Hackbot scans over 300 CGI's, scans for banners of several services, does unicode checks, checks for open relays, outsmarts Cisco PIX MailGuard, can do ripe checkup, spamcop db checkup, X connect test and lots more.

Feedback if needed, commit if acceptable :)

You install stuff to /usr/local/etc/hackbot.

OpenBSD Policy is to store config in /etc

Further I see that it isn't even config you're storing there. It's just
database files and those belong to ${LOCALBASE}/share/hackbot IMO.

The patch-aa is appearently not conforming to the standard. Use "make
update-patches" if possible.

You seem to "patch away" nearly the whole Makefile. How about putting a
Makefile in the files dir and overwrite the old one? (Particularly
because you leave exactly 0 lines of the original)

This is a Perl program so there is no need to build anything. Set
NO_BUILD=yes in this case. (You should use the do-configure override
then or some other, not the pre-build hook in either case.)

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