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Re: RFC: rdiff-backup

>>>>> "DS" == "David S" <davids_(_at_)_idiom_(_dot_)_com>:
DS> 	BUILD_DEPENDS+=         :python-${PYTHON_VER}*:lang/python/${PYTHON_VER},no_tkinter,no_mpz,no_expat
DS> does what what I want: accept any installed flavor of Python, but 
DS> install the "no_tkinter-no_mpz-no_expat" flavor if one isn't.  Do
DS> you mean that I shouldn't specify such a dependency?

you yourself can do that for your own personal install.  you should leave
such things up to the user.  I may want all of that stuff in my python

you can always leave it as a normal python dependency and then you install
python with no_tkinter, no_mpz, and no_expat, then install the
rdiff-backup.  it should pick it up just fine.