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Re: New port: x11/msttcorefonts

> This is cool... but I have a few issues with this:
> 1) Please look over our porting docs... we are not FreeBSD :).  There is
> no RESTRICTED keyword and we require a FULL email address.

Oh yeah.  I guess I should have paid more attention to the template...

> 2) I'm not sure the PERMIT_* lines are right.  I think we can at least

Hm, you're probably right.  I set them all to no because it was probably
"safer", and some of the stuff I was reading was confused.  The license
isn't, though.

> 3) I would lose the do-build target and put the ttmkfdir stuff into
> do-install and set NO_BUILD=Yes.  But that's just me :).
> 4) You can use ${INSTALL_DATA_DIR} instead of mkdir in do-install.

Yeah, that makes sense.

> 5) I'm not sure ${PREFIX}/lib/X11/fonts is the best place for these.
> Gnome-print installs into ${PREFIX}/share/fonts by default and I think
> this would be a better home, but I'm not a hier scholar so you may be
> right on this one.

Well, I picked that because x11/freefonts puts them in
${PREFIX}/lib/X11/fonts, and it seems that gnu Ghostscript puts them under
${PREFIX}/share/ghostscript, and print/pkfonts puts them in
${PREFIX}/lib/fonts... the nice thing about standards is that there are so
many to choose from.

Anyhow, I updated it, it's at