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Re: problem with pkg_add with many dependencies??

On Fri, Sep 27, 2002 at 10:10:57AM -0400, Ian Darwin wrote:

> pkg_add: add of dependency `pkgconfig-0.12.0' failed!
> pkg_add(kdenetwork-3.0.3): add of dependency `libxml-2.4.24' failed!
> >>> ftp -o - ftp://ftp3.usa.openbsd.org//pub/OpenBSD/snapshots/packages/i386/pkgconfig-0.12.0.tgz
> >>> ftp -o - ftp://ftp3.usa.openbsd.org//pub/OpenBSD/snapshots/packages/i386/libmng-1.0.4.tgz
> >>> ftp -o - ftp://ftp3.usa.openbsd.org//pub/OpenBSD/snapshots/packages/i386/qt3-0.5.tgz
> >>> ftp -o - ftp://ftp3.usa.openbsd.org//pub/OpenBSD/snapshots/packages/i386/libvorbis-1.0.tgz
> >>> ftp -o - ftp://ftp3.usa.openbsd.org//pub/OpenBSD/snapshots/packages/i386/openldap-client-2.0.27.tgz
> >>> ftp -o - ftp://ftp3.usa.openbsd.org//pub/OpenBSD/snapshots/packages/i386/kdelibs-3.0.3a.tgz
> pkg_add: add of dependency `libxml-2.4.24' failed!
> pkg_add: add of dependency `libxslt-1.0.20' failed!
> pkg_add: add of dependency `libxml-2.4.24' failed!

I've seen this before, specifically problems with adding libxml while
trying to pkg_add kdebase.  I think the LIB_DEPENDS for kdelibs could be
trimmed (libxslt LIB_DEPENDS xml2.6, qt3 LIB_DEPENDS png.2, arts3
LIB_DEPENDS audiofile).  But I don't know if that will make any