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vax broken ports

The list is huge, the overall breakage is over 50% and I'm not going to
bother listing all ports individually here since it seems like a waste
of time almost every time I do that anyway..

But the main issues are, by frequency of occurance:
(1) Too much stuff is broken wrt static linking, and vax has no dynamic
libs yet.  This accounts for most of the mentioned breakage.
(2) No pthreads support for vax yet, so a lot of software suffers from
(3) Some die due to gcc "internal compiler errors" where reducing the
optimisation level is likely to help, but there aren't too many of
those (not as many as sparc64, at any case).

I have went and fixed a few things over time, but the overall situation
right now is not all that bad.  I mean, nobody's going to run GNOME on
a vax.  It seems like most of the essential things build/run just fine.

And well, if you're feeling ambitious and have a vax, I can always dump
you the logs upon request, if you'd like to help.