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Re: Emacs unexec.c fix for a.out platforms

>>>>> "NH" == Niklas Hallqvist <niklas_(_at_)_appli_(_dot_)_se> writes:


    NH> So, should we get people to fill in this matrix, or do we just
    NH> commit these changes, relying on my reduced test suite?

In the case of xemacs21, I didn't even knew it was not working on 68k
architectures since I never got any feedback about it (and never had
the hardware to test it anyway). I think you can commit your patch and
wait for people to comment after, it will not be more broken than it
already is, if I understand correctly.

    NH> PS, xemacs21-sumo seems to have the wrong distfile name,
    NH> although I did not check closer, in case someone want to check
    NH> it up.

I already posted a patch for this about a month ago, and nobody
commited it since. See :

        Jean-Yves Burlett