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RESUB: devel/incrtcl

i am resubmitting my port of increment tcl 3.2.1. upon some further
testing i see i fouled it up originally. i have uploaded it to my site as
a replaced port:


there is one worry of mine, though: i am not sure of how to demand that
the sources to Tcl be around for building, so i did the following:

BUILD_DEPENDS=          tk83.1::x11/tk/8.3
SEPARATE_BUILD=         concurrent

this seems to work, but please provide some feedback as to any changes
needed for this. Itcl needs to have the Tcl sources around to build
correctly. once these are there, its easy.

usage is pretty simple:

$ tclsh8.3
% package require Itcl
% itcl::class Foo {
constructor {} {
  puts "foo!"
% Foo foo

tested on i386-current. thanks.

jose nazario, ph.d.			jose_(_at_)_monkey_(_dot_)_org