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NEW: devel/incrtcl

new port, please comment. it's my first stab at using PFRAG for others to
see, so .. it may be fscked up. however, the software itself is pretty
solid, we use it every day at work without issue.

from pkg/DESCR

[incr Tcl] is an object-oriented extension of the Tcl language.  It
was created to support more structured programming in Tcl.  Tcl scripts
that grow beyond a few thousand lines become extremely difficult to
maintain.  This is because the building blocks of vanilla Tcl are
procedures and global variables, and all of these building blocks
must reside in a single global namespace.  There is no support for
protection or encapsulation.

This package supports both itcl and itk, extensions to Tcl and Tk,

also, i did the port a while ago, so it may have some stuff in the
structure that we have dropped since then. been swamped, haven't gotten
this out for review.


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