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proposal for new port

greets to all =)
i'm a new subscriber; just thought i might say hello...

anyway, i am looking into adding Nail to the ports & packages
collection.  it is Nail (a mail user agent); it is derived from
our favourite mailer, BSD (Berkeley) Mail 8.1.  i suppose i should
ask, "is anybody else *already* working on this as a port?"

==== the following assumes Nail is not already spoken for ====

i know that OpenBSD already has probably the best BSD Mail i have
ever used!!! =)  Nail *does* however have quite a few nice extensions
to the classic MUA we all know and love.

probably the biggest thing is that it is MIME capable, but i don't
use it because of that.  it is especially useful for people who
have, and regularly use, multiple email addresses.  you can do this
with a commandline flag to set the From address, or you can set it
in the environment with a from='<your_address>' .

anyway, i don't want to ramble here.  the man page contains all
the pertinent info.

i have already contacted the author; he says okay.  it looks like
a BSD license to me.  i'm not much for these license things though.
i *do* still have some more homework to do before i can actually
submit this as a new port.


you can find the README and the nail(1) man page there.

as a sidenote, he also has a vi port.
Jeffrey Allen Neitzel
jneitzel (at) sdf (dot) lonestar (dot) org