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Re: sparc64 ports breakage

David Lebel <lebel_(_at_)_lebel_(_dot_)_org> wrote:

> ast-ksh-20020628        ???

I'm fed up with it.  The build system sucks and the build is extremly

> gcc-3.1                 ?? java and ada doesn't seems to build

gnat needs a working Ada compiler for bootstrapping.

> libao-esd-0.8.2         lib/ao/plugins-2/libesd.so can't be selected

Cross-platform error.  Must be some sort of MULTI_PACKAGES/FLAVORS/
bulk interaction because it builds fine otherwise.

> libexif-0.5.3           undefined reference to `dgettext' and 
> `bindtextdomain'

pvalchev bandaided this with LIBS=-lintl.  Without, it breaks on our
ELF platforms.  I don't understand this.

> libwmf-0.2.0            some syntax error in ftglyph.h (might be my box)

No, cross-platform error.  Fairly old in fact.

> xfmail-1.5.2-esd        undefined reference to `fl_*'
> xfmail-1.5.2                    ""      ""

Again, not limited to sparc64.

Christian "naddy" Weisgerber                          naddy_(_at_)_mips_(_dot_)_inka_(_dot_)_de

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