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sparc64 ports breakage


Quite a few ports are broken under sparc64. Most of them are broken because gcc 2.95.3 generates internal errors with them (mostly C++ apps) and others breaks because of dependencies check failures. I haven't included them in my report.

If you want to help fix them, please let me know. Full reports of the brokage is available upon request:

R-1.4.1 symbols aren't resolved
STk-3.1.1 .so files aren't build
ast-ksh-20020628 ???
bonobo-1.0.20 plug-ins are nowhere to be found. libtool issue?
connect4-3.2 distfile checksum error
cvsgraph-1.2.0 can't find gd
cyrus-sasl-2.1.5 `IPV6_BINDV6ONLY' undeclared
emacs-20.7 unsupported (how cares?)
emacs-21.2-no_x11 `getcwd' failed: No such file or directory
evolution-1.0.7 can't find distfile?
ffcall-1.8 Assembly errors
gcc-3.1.1_20020603 ??
gcc-3.1 ?? java and ada doesn't seems to build
gmp-3.1.1 ??
gnomemm-1.2.2 some C++ error
gnushogi-1.2.3 Could not split insn (gcc sucks)
graphviz-1.7.6 ??
gsl-0.6 internal error--insn does not satisfy its constraints
id3lib-3.8.0pre2 no matching function for call to `min'
imaputils-uw-20020402 undefined reference to some des functions.
libao-esd-0.8.2 lib/ao/plugins-2/libesd.so can't be selected
libavl-1.4.0 avl-1.4.0/avl.html is a directory. Don't install.
libexif-0.5.3 undefined reference to `dgettext' and `bindtextdomain'
libgtop-1.0.13-gnome redefinition of `struct pcb' and `struct md_coredump'
libgtop-1.0.13 ""
libutf8-0.7.3 internal error--insn does not satisfy its constraints:
libwmf-0.2.0 some syntax error in ftglyph.h (might be my box)
lq-sp- many undefined references
mysql-client-3.23.49 `symbols', `sql_functions' undeclared
nte-1.7.0 warning: cast to pointer from integer of different size
ocaml-3.02 No rule to make target `none.o', needed by libasmrun.a.
octave-2.0.1 cast specifies signature type
pgp-5.0i syntax error before `word64'
php4-core-4.2.1 conflicting types for `php_iconv_string'
postgresql-7.1.3-odbc bunch of undefined references, relocation truncated
postgresql-7.1.3-tcl-odbc "" ""
qt2-3.2 cast specifies signature type
quake-20000101-ggi binaries aren't built
scm-5d3-no_x11 #define SHORT_INT in scmfig.h and recompile scm
scm-5d3 "" ""
scsh-0.6.2 Unable to correct byte order
sp-1.3.4 bunch of undefined references
t1lib-1.3.1 this one fails on my machine for god knows why
tightvnc-1.2.3 Xvnc isn't built
unicon-10.0beta resulting bin fails with *** Signal 10
xcdplayer-2.2 initializer element is not computable at load time
xemacs-21.1.14-mule unsupported
xemacs-21.1.14 unsupported
xfmail-1.5.2-esd undefined reference to `fl_*'
xfmail-1.5.2 "" ""
xinvaders-2.0 initializer element is not computable at load time
xosview-1.8.0 machine/apmvar.h

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