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alpha breakage (our i386-only ports tree)

During the last snapshot build run, the following breakage was
encountered.  As always, help with resolving these issues is welcome.

65 ports did not build, excluding dependencies

I've tried to include enough information to give some kind of
understanding of the problem, I will happily send individual full logs
to anyone who requests them (just send me private mail)

Port		Reason
ORBit-0.5.13	orbit-idl dumps core during build (?)
R--1.4.1	R.bin: Error in .Call("R_initialize_methods_metadata",
		table, PACKAGE = "methods") : 
aspell-0.337p1	builds but does not run, need to debug..
cassowary-0.60	? bison update changed some behaviour....
cdrchive-1.0.1	c++ ICE (1)
chbg-1.5	? some gnome files dont build, PLIST fails
clisp-2.27	? errors such as: lispbibl.d:2609: #error
	"oint_addr_mask doesn't cover CODE_ADDRESS_RANGE !!"
cvsgraph-1.2.0	cvsgraph.c:52: #error No image output format available.
	Check libgd (-lgd fails)
cyrus-sasl-2.1.5 server.c:115: `IPV6_BINDV6ONLY'
	undeclared (first use in this function)
emacs=21.2-no_x11 getcwd problems which are probably caused by emacs'
	custom malloc which looks impossible to disable, or some other
	problem which i'd really love to get resolved
frodo-4.1bp1	CmdPipe.cpp:21: cma.h: No such file or directory
gcc3		gengenrtl.c(.stab+0x14): relocation truncated to
	fit: REFLONG .text and such
gpa-0.4.3	logging.c:230: incompatible type for argument 3 of
gtk-gnutella-0.85 nodes.c:427: incompatible type for argument 3
	of `node_remove_v'
htmldoc-1.8.11	gmake crashes, yey!
ickle-0.3.1	libicq2000 probs
id3lib-3.8.0pre2 ? c++ probs might be it
imaputils-uw	missing -ldes looks like.... openssl fallout
ispell-3.2.06	"No words in dictionary"->error
kdelibs-2.2.2	dcopidl crashes
konqueror	c++ ICE
l0pthcrash-2.52	messed up includes, tons of warnings
lftp-2.5.4	PollVec.o(.text+0x36c): undefined reference to
	`poll(pollfd *, int, int)'
libao-esd	?? libesd.so not created, libtools probs?
libavl-1.4.0	install: /usr/ports/devel/libavl/w-libavl-1.4.0/
	avl-1.4.0/avl.html: Inappropriate file type or f ormat
libexif-0.5.3	libexif.so.6.1: undefined reference to `dgettext' ...
libgtop-1.0.13	machine/pcb.h:49: redefinition of `struct pcb' ...
libwmf-0.2.0	eek, tons of freetype2 header errors spewed
lq-sp-	??
lyx-1.1.6fix4	math_forms.o(.text+0x1308): undefined reference to
mico-2.3.6	ir_impl.cc:229: exception handling disabled, use
	-fexceptions to enable
mplayer-fontmaker-0.90pre4	mkdir call fails!?
nte-1.7.0	iohandler.c:136: warning: cast to pointer from integer
	of different size (-Werror)
ocaml-3.02	alpha.S:429: Error: Unknown pseudo-op:  `.rdata'
pchar-1.4	some libs missing at link time?
pgp-5.0i	pgpMD5.c:42: syntax error before `word64' ...
php4-core-4.2.1	iconv.c:142: conflicting types for `php_iconv_string'
qhacc-0.6.1a	c++ ICE
qlwm-1.7	c++ ICE
qt3-0.3		uic crashes......
quake,ggi	files PLIST wants missing
scm-5d3-no_x11	tons of warnings, errors
scm-5d3		..
scsh-0.6.2	builds but coredumps, also ld spews an interesting
	warning right beforehands (mail for info)
sniffit-0.3.7b	sn_data.h:68: #error Unknown network devices for this
	OpenBSD architecture.
sp-1.3.4	?
	sys/sysinfo.h: No such
teTeX_texmf-1.0.2 !?
tightvnc-1.2.3	Xvnc not built
tvtwm-pl11	cc1: Invalid option `-Olimit'
unicon=10.0beta	gets SIGBUS when ran
xcdplayer-2.2	??
xemacs-21.1.14-mule	unexelf.c:959: `symhdr' undeclared (first use in
	this function)
xmeacs-21.1.14	same as above
xfmail-1.5.2-esd	dialogs.o(.text+0x3dcc): undefined reference to
	`fl_calloc' .....???
xfmail-1.5.2	same as above
xinvaders-2.0	??
xmame+xmess	vmem limit not enough, but 350000...
xview-lib-3.2.1	xv.c:227: cannot convert to a pointer type
yorick-1.5.08	yorick gets abort() somewhere!?

(1) The GNU c++ compiler has shown to be a piece of shit on 64bit
architectures, serious work needs to be done in that direction

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