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Re: sex port and licenses

STeve Andre':

> Um, I think things *do* require licenses, including ports and packages.
> Theo has been pretty clear on that in the past.  I don't think this is any
> different.  If they aren't licensed they ought to go.

Ports _must_ have correct _licensing information_ (PERMIT_*).  Ports of
software that doesn't allow redistribution (e.g. Netscape) are perfectly
acceptable, although we of course prefer free stuff.  Common sense also
suggests to take the potential usefulness of a port into account.

By default all rights are reserved to the author, so if a distfile
doesn't contain any license we are denied redistribution and PERMIT_*
needs to reflect this.

Christian "naddy" Weisgerber                     naddy_(_at_)_unix-ag_(_dot_)_uni-kl_(_dot_)_de