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Re: MASTER_SITE_PERL_CPAN needs update

Marc Espie <espie_(_at_)_nerim_(_dot_)_net> wrote:

> > Is there a canonical list somewhere?  Or I can just sync it with
> > FreeBSD.
> Any cpan mirror should have a set of www pages...

Damn, I expected some Perl-head to pick up the ball. ;-)
The official CPAN sites list is most excessive.

> You can also try to look at CPAN.pm, I'd expect it to have a list of
> sites.

Only ftp://ftp.perl.org/pub/CPAN, in fact.
I guess I'll borrow the FreeBSD list after all.

Christian "naddy" Weisgerber                          naddy_(_at_)_mips_(_dot_)_inka_(_dot_)_de

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