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Re: irssi: Checksum mismatch.

lurene_(_at_)_daemonkitty_(_dot_)_net (lurene_(_at_)_daemonkitty_(_dot_)_net) wrote:
> The reason most people build from source is to ensure that it has  not
> been tampered with in any way (ie a  back  door  added).  So,  if  you
> download source for the ports tree, and you decide to override the bad
> checksum, or you are sending an updated checksum to this  list  please
> please please run a quick eye over the source  to  make  sure  no  one
> added something evil. Thats part of the reason I'm sure the  checksums
> exist.

Yes, let this be a lesson for  the  future  never  to  update  checksums
without a very good reason. I think it would be  a  very  good  idea  to
inform the author of the package that the checksum has changed.

Cya, Han.