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Re: A compiler and $HOME

> Why does it write to $HOME in the first place?  It probably
> shouldn't.  I mean, think about it from packaging perspective.

I haven't explained correctly then.

The port of ccache itself is fine, it packages without touching
$HOME.  I'm asking my question about a problem I encountered in the
ports infrastructure when trying to use ccache with it.

ccache the program is a compiler cache.  It caches object code and
a hash of its source, using that to bypass compilation if it has a
cached version on hand.  It keeps its cache in $HOME/.ccache/ by
default.  To use it, you put it in front of the compiler.  When
building ports, this means setting CC=ccache gcc.

So, essentially $CC is writing things to $HOME.

My question is if this can be allowed while still using the
bsd.port.mk magic for /${DISTNAME}_writes_to_HOME flagging?  (As
right now when building a port, $CC is writing to $HOME/.ccache/
which ends up in the _writes_to_HOME directory.)

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