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mplayer status

I can't seem to get correct code to read vcd... neither the FreeBSD nor
the NetBSD code cut it, even with the trivial mods needed to get them to

It seems I can't get the correct beginning of the track, or something like

If anyone is interested into looking at that.

In the mean time, art is looking into fixing isofs's performance so that
mplayer gets usable for high bandwidth video (dvd, and some avis).  Things
work reasonably fine...

Still, mplayer is more jerky than ogle on dvds... one small benefit being,
though, that mplayer does have demux/decoding code for more than ac52 (and
it can use external sources for subtitles, and it has forward/backward fine

Probably stuff that ought to be useful for ogle as well, if it can be
ported to it.