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I have today worked with "teuf", one of the zsnes contributing
developers, to integrate the OpenBSD patches into the main
zsnes source and to correct some other issues (OpenGL and PNG
option switch and functionality fixes).
He will now send my patch to the zsnes "official" developers,
probably the next version of zsnes will need no or only few
patches, but that what I've got worked for just
 # ./configure [--host=i686-openbsd3.1]
 # ./gmake
 # ./gmake install

OTOH, the cvs version is broken in some other respects (manpage
is zsnes.5 for example) and some code is heavily changed so merging
the patch into the cvs version is non-trivial.

Let's hope this activity will be noticed.

Please Cc: me with replies, I'm not on ports_(_at_)__(_dot_)_

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 > das Protokoll ftp (übrigens eines der ersten drei Arpanet-Protokolle
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