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new port: x11/evilwm

This is a tiny wm that got the name "evil" by being minimalist.  Based 
originally on aewm and carries the same license.


* No window decorations apart from a simple 1 pixel border.
* No icons.
* Good keyboard control, including repositioning and maximise toggles.
* Solid window drags
* Virtual desktops
* Small binary size

Home site: http://evilwm.sourceforge.net/

I didn't FLAVOR this port even though there are a couple of compile time 
options.  IMHO they're not worth FLAVORing for (would anyone want a wm 
that didn't have virtual desktops? is disabling solid window drags 
important to you?)  The source defaults to enabling both, which is what 
the port will do as it stands.

Comments and feedback welcome... thanks.

"There is a reason why some options are the default... we who set the
defaults know what we're doing." -- Artur Grabowski

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